• From Learn-to-Swim to Competitive Squad Programs, we strive to create the best learning environment for all.
  • From Learn-to-Swim to Competitive Squad Programs, we strive to create the best learning environment for all.

Why choose us?

At United Swimming, we are dedicated to designing and providing swimming and training programs to people of all ages and skill levels.

Each week we assist over 3,000 students become safer and more confident in and around the water. Providing swimming and training programs for over a decade, United Swimming has developed programs and processes which makes us stand out from other swim school providers and from Learn to Swim to Competitive Squad Programs, we strive to create the best learning environment for all.

Find out why United Swimming is the right choice for your family.



For advanced swimmers where champions and born.

Learn to swim

This program accommodates children who are new to swimming lessons (level 1 – beginners) to those who are ready to develop correct strokes in all 4 strokes (level 4 – advanced).


  • My son, Taewoo joined United Swimming in August 2020, exactly a year ago. It was still his first year of swimming so obviously his technique needed a lot of work. All the coaches worked so patiently with him and in a couple months after including all the holiday intensives, he could finally dive and turn! And for the first time Taewoo went to Knox Invitational Carnival and IPSHA in early 2021. For someone who couldn’t even dive because of his fear, the improvement was impressive. Although it was only for one event, he also got qualified for Junior State Championship in September. He will probably aim for other competitions in the future as soon as the lockdown eases and situation looks better. We will definitely be doing more sessions with United Team as Taewoo became a better swimmer and also built some friendships inside the Squad.

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    Katie Yoo (Mother of Taewoo Oh)
  • My Son Luke has come a long way since joining United Swimming Gold Squad. Kevin is a well focused coach who gives equal attention to all his squad members. He disciplines his kids in a caring and loving manner and it shows in all Kevin’s young athletes achievements. We believe he is the best coach for juniors in Australia.

    John & Eline Ghanam (Parents of Luke Ghanem)
  • Swimming has been a big part of our lives for many years both overseas and in Sydney but at our previous swim school the boys weren’t progressing and they weren’t enjoying the sport anymore. Since moving to United I have never seen so much happiness and enjoyment in both my boys. Their technical ability has improved in a short amount of time, the coaches have been really supportive and more importantly they have started to love the sport again. A big thank you to the coaches who are always there to help improve my boys technically in a fun but very disciplined swimming environment. 

    Charlene Scodellaro (Mother of Tom and Will Scodellaro)
  • My daughter Olivia made big progress since she transferred to United Swimming. United Swimming has very good program to help Olivia improve her techniques and endurance. Her coach Kevin put lots of efforts to correct her techniques. When Olivia suffered with ankle injury, Kevin carefully considered her situation and gave many good suggestions for her ankle to recover quickly. Kevin always provides quick feedback as long as we inquiry about Olivia's swimming information at United Swimming. We are very appreciative with Kevin's hard work. We sincerely wish United Swimming a bright future. 

    Min Sun (Mother of Olivia Yu)
  • With all the dilemma and uncertainties of coaches coming and going, both my daughters were caught in a situation where they weren’t receiving the right level of training leading up to major swim meets. With all these distractions, we were struggling to find a swim squad where they not only focused on their senior swimmers but also their juniors. Fortunately, we were introduced to United Swimming.

    Training at United Swimming, my daughter Elina has had many success’. Within the last year, Elina amassed many NSW wins and placings, along with representing NSW at the School National championships where she returned home with two Gold, one Bronze and recently settings two NSW records.

    Thank you Kevin for helping my daughters realise their potentials!!!

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    Boris Napernikov (Father of Kiana and Elina Napernikova)
  • United Swimming was recommended to us so we moved there from another swim club. With the squad program and form correction, my son's swimming has improved vastly. My daughter is now also in the squad at a lower level with the advantage of moving there at a younger age. Both the children enjoy being challenged in their squad training and the coaching techniques of Kevin and his coaches have worked very well for them. It has been a great move for us, one that we wish we had made sooner.

    David Rodda (Father of Dale and Juliette Rodda)
  • United swimming has provided an exceptional programme design for our family’s swimming activities. We have been impressed and satisfied with the outcomes our children have achieved.

    The learn-to-swim and junior, or “semi” squad setup has provided an ideal developmental platform for our young daughter. The flexibility provided and the willingness to accommodate her schedule has been a great help to our family. We can say that she has a very good technical foundation for her swimming going forward.

    Over the last three years, our son has also benefitted greatly from the more advanced, or “Gold Squad” programme, under Kevin’s watchful eye. Kevin has ensured that the swimmers are taken care of physically, whilst at the same time, helping each individual swimmer understand and perform to their own full potential. Our son has gone on to Captain the NSWPSSA Team, is a multiple NSW and QLD State Age record holder, and has won gold medals in over 80 NSW State Age titles under United Swimming’s programme.

    We would highly recommend United Swimming in the context of both developmental programmes for younger swimmers, and elite squad training for the older and more-performance based swimmer.

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    Russell and Jocil Albertyn (Parents of Tyrone, Karl and Roxanne Albertyn)
  • My daughter Donna first met Kevin at United Swimming in August 2013.

    Six months later, she showed immense improvement and took 2nd place in the 50m Freestyle in the NSWPSSA Swimming Championships (School State). The same year in School Nationals, she took the silver medal in the same event and won gold while setting a new Australian National record in the NSW Team Freestyle and Medley Relay events.

    She entered Year 7 at PLC Sydney with a full (100%) sports scholarship and continues to enjoy her life as a student and a competitive swimmer. 

    She still remembers Kevin as her favourite coach.

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    Yun Jeong (Mother of Donna & Jenny Choi – National Record Holder)
  • When I first met Kevin at United Swimming, it was in August, 2013, when I was 10 years old.

    I had not yet swam squad and had only swam for the sake of learning to swim. But after swimming under Kevin's guidance, I started to enjoying swimming and achieved huge improvements in a short amount of time. 

    I am very thankful for everything Kevin has done for me to get me where I am now, I couldn't have done it without his help.

    Thank you, Kevin. 

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    Donna Choi (National Record Holder)
  • United Swimming has been amazing to our daughter (Olivia Pak)'s improvement in all her swim strokes. Kevin had the ability to identify my daughter's true strengths and weaknesses and focused on building improved techniques that eventually took her to the 2018 School National Championships where she won one (1) Gold and two (2) Silver medals for 50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke and Girls 4 x 50m Medley Relay events. We truly believe that without United's contribution our daughter would not have achieved those standards. Thanks Kevin and Dennis. 

    Phillip Pak (Father of Olivia Pak, NSW State Champion & National Medallist)
  • My kids Jessica and Vincent Gong have been learning through with United swimming since two years ago. They are absolutely loving it especially the swim instructors are very patient and whole heartedly teaching to all the students!

    Therefore, their swimming strokes have been improving day by day that we can see! They rejoice it with swim mates, good learning and have big improvement!

    We would love to thank you for United swimming again and deeply grateful for you as well!

    Best Regards,

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    Sandy (Mother of Jessica and Vincent Gong – State Swimmers)
  • My son, Chris has just joined United Swimming in February 2018. For the past two years, Chris’ stroke has not improved, and his swim times have stayed stagnant. However, within three months of joining United Swimming we saw noticeable improvement in Chris' swimming technique.

    By September 2018, Chris started recording personal best swim times in his races. The improvements are remarkable since we switched him from another swimming club and he is continuing to progress well.

    Chris has been very happy joining United Swimming and met lots of new friends. Special Thanks to Kevin and Dennis for their dedication and discipline that are able to bring out the best out of their students.

    In closing I highly recommend United Swimming and its coaches and look forward to its continuous positive influence on Chris.

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    Rosalyn (Mother of Christopher Ng)